Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited

Could these Genetically Modified Fish Make Food Safer For Everybody?

As a journalist that specializes in startups and entrepreneurship, I am often subjected to metric tons of hot air and bluster from founders who think that their idea is going to change the world.
It is always the same drivel, with words like disruptive, revolutionary, organic growth and the like

Biotesting Startup In Hong Kong Sets Higher Bar With New Capital, Board

One of Hong Kong’s more innovative startups, biotech safety testing system Vitargent, has taken a major step in scaling up by raising its second round of finance from key players as more and more Hong Kong-based startups stretch to new heights.
The new financing breaks ground by pushing Vitargent to

The Amazing Stars In Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 Are Tough To Beat

The next generation of Asia’s rising stars promises to build upon the progress of technology startups in the region, and surpass it. If you read the profiles of the winners in Forbes Asia’s list of millennial-age superstars, you’ll see what I mean.
These up and comers are in all kinds


腾讯财经讯 (伯玲 王丹薇)在香港青年科技创业领域,水中银(国际)生物科技公司的创始人陈子翔是一名被官方认可的榜样。


(香港,2015 年 7 月 19 日)最近本港多個屋苑出現「鉛水風波」,令人擔心食水及食物安 全問題的嚴重性。一般情況而言,食水在進入大廈的供水系統後,便缺乏恒常檢測以引致水 質難獲保障。是次問題主角「鉛」實是眾多有機會出現在食水中的毒素之一,今天我們只是 窺見冰山一角

Hong Kong-based entrepreneur discovers new way to test for toxins

The melamine scandal on the mainland in 2008 saw six babies die and 300,000 fall ill after drinking milk powder tainted with an industrial chemical. That, along with the use of so-called gutter oil in food, has led to such distrust in mainland food companies that many families now seek

Green-Glowing Minnows Turn Product-Safety Pawns in China

Tiny fish that glow green and morph in the presence of toxins are joining front-line efforts in China to improve product safety.
Backed by a well-known Chinese venture capitalist, Hong Kong-based startup Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Ltd. says it’s developed fish-based tests for more than 1,000 toxic chemicals that could help

Vitargent (International) Biotechnology

Imagine a fish embryo biologically engineered to turn fluorescent green when exposed to toxins that could harm humans. This isn’t science fiction, but rather the work of Hong Kong-based startup Vitargent.
China’s tainted-milk-powder scandal in 2008 raised widespread concerns about food safety in the country, prompting Chinese entrepreneur Eric Chen