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Home-grown Bio-testing Innovation, Vitargent Improves Global Product Safety Testing Standards

We at Vitargent are on a quest to overcome limitations in safe guarding consumer products.

We provide information so that consumers and manufacturers are able to make informed and better choices.

“We imagine a world where consumers can finally have the confidence in their purchasing decisions and businesses have outsized incentives to ensure safer products.”

Ensuring that consumer products thrive to deliver the highest possible safety standards is what keeps us constantly pushing the boundaries of technology.

Vitargent’s patented Fish Embryos Testing (FET) use the fish embryos  which has  84 per cent of genes known to be associated with human disease1 and can effectively determine the biological effects by toxins in 24-48 hours. With this breakthrough technology, Vitargent is developing a new safety standard together with academicians, industry and governments and to roll out a certification scheme/safety index to empower different stakeholders to make such safer and better choice effectively and efficiently. 

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