Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited

Cooking Oil

The Problem

Across Asia, unscrupulous bakers and restaurant owners have been caught cooking food illegally by using “gutter oil” - waste oil collected from drains, grease traps and abattoirs. Members of the public have been horrified to learn that they may have consumed gutter oil, and have lost confidence in the food industry.

Although it contains carcinogenic compounds, tainted oil is hard to detect using standard tests, and it is difficult for governments to regulate the industry effectively. Corrupt businesspeople and manufacturers have exploited this loophole, and consumers have no way of knowing if what they are eating is pure, or if it is garbage.

Our Role

We work with clients in the food industry to monitor the entire supply chain and identify suspect oils. We test the raw beans, seeds and fruit used for oil extraction, including soybeans, sunflower seeds, olives and palm fruit, and we conduct further tests as the oil is refined by establishing quality control points at critical stages of the manufacturing process. We are committed to raising standards for oil production, and ensuring that oil sold to the public is safe for consumption.