Vitargent (International) Biotechnology Limited
Xueping Chen
Xueping Chen
Chief Technology Officer

A co-founder of Vitargent, Xueping developed her love of nature while growing up on a farm in China. This blossomed into a passion for biology, scientific research and technological innovation.

Xueping co-invented Vitargent’s transgenic medaka technology and was the first person to use fish embryos for consumer products safety evaluation. She is a registered toxicologist in the UK and Europe, has applied for a number of patents and received many international awards.

When she’s not working in Vitargent’s lab, Xueping advises the GMO group at the Hong Kong government’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation; acts as consultant for Hong Kong Baptist University’s Associate Degree Programme, and gives guest lectures at several Hong Kong and international universities.

Xueping received her BSc degree in Biology Education from Hunan Normal University, holds an MPhil in Zoology from Xiamen University, and achieved a PhD in environmental toxicology at City University of Hong Kong.