The fish has been applied to test different marine environment and consumer products including food, pharmaceutics, and cosmetics in the past two years


Environmental Samples

Environmental samples including marine water samples, sediment samples, waste water samples, etc. may have excessive EEDs. They can all be tested by our fish bioassay.

The transgenic medeka bioassay for EEDs has been applied to Hong Kong’s marine environment including Victoria Harbor, Li Yu Men, Cheng Men River and Clear Water Bay. Results have been published on Hong Kong local newspaper. The test provides very useful data for the governments and the public.


Food and Beverage

Food and beverage including soy milk, fruit, organic food, juice and even drinking water may contain excessive EEDs. We have applied the fish to test different brands of soy milk and juice. The result was published on Hong Kong local newspaper.
Apart from Hong Kong, government sectors in mainland China are also considering to apply our fish bioassay.



Medicines have to be tested extensively before they can be industrialized into the market. This process usually takes more than two years and cost considerable amount of resources. The fish can efficiently and economical screen medicines. It has been applied to successfully screen 2 medicines out of over 1,000 potential formulas.

We are now cooperating with some pharmaceuticals companies on the toxicity test of certain drug, and EEDs screen test of the raw materials.




Cosmetics are one of the major sources of EEDs. Excessive EEDs in the cosmetic products will not only harm the users, but cause environmental problems as well.

Our transgenic medeka bioassay can test the EEDs content in personal care products. Besides, the fish bioassay can test the mixture effect of different products.